A Goodbye to 2016


Dear 2016,

The end of every year is supposed to be a time for reflections and making resolutions for the next year (that we will probably never keep). But instead, we look back on the year mostly tired. Scrolling through my Twitter and Facebook feeds in the past month, showed me just how much 2016 sucked for everyone.

2016 you may have been the year where I felt the greatest discomfort. I’ve lost some people but I’ve gained some friends also. The pain you’ve caused propelled me to grow immensely. I’ve learned lessons that could help me too, so TY!

I have nothing else to say to you but thank you for being such a great, difficult, tough and hectic year for me; for making me live so many adventures and for giving me so many great memories.

I will never forget you! SRS! Kthxbye!

Sincerely Yours,



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