The Best Roadtrip Ever: Lui’s First Baguio Trip

The trip was over three weeks ago, so I thought it was about time I write about it.

One of my officemates have never been to Baguio, so about two months before this weekend, Mike, the boss, sent an email invite for a weekend in Baguio. 🙂 2 days, 3 provinces, and one of the best road trips I had in my life. 

The first stop after NLEx was Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. Mike decided to have his car finally blessed. We almost got lost going there but we eventually found our way around. We also had to buy P300 worth of candles for getting assistance from a guy. HAHAHA!

Arriving at the hotel an hour earlier than check-in time, we decided to eat lunch at Yumi, which was right outside the hotel. The food was outrageous and very disappointing. DO NOT EAT HERE. I REPEAT, IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!

After settling in, the gang went to Bencab Museum. The drive going there was crazy sketchy, but it was worth it. The view was breathtaking, the museum was perched on the side of the road, overlooking a garden. There were four levels going down, making up the exhibit, so you have to go down (the stairs) to explore. The best part was when the clouds started to cover the entire building.

We immediately went to the lowest level, bought coffee at Cafe Sabel and enjoyed the view on the terrace overlooking the garden and took photos.

We then went to the Burnham Park. Take note that I am with the Media Team, on an Independence Day weekend, therefore, ads must be boosted sooner or later.😂  This was one of those moments when they needed to boost something.
Runaway as fast as you can
With the Media Team, From L-R: Mac, Jovel, Lui, Mike and Me

We had dinner at Pizza Volante on Session Road, stopped by 711 to get beer and chips, and then went back to the hotel where we would drink and play cards all night. This wasn’t my usual MO which was drinking till the sun goes up, getting real hammered, or whichever comes first.

The next day we left before lunch, dropping by the Public Market to pick up pasalubong and headed to Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac to meet up with Mike’s friend.
Trying out Tacsiyapo with the team. 🙂

The whole trip we were listening to Kanye and singing our lungs out. I couldn’t put into words how this trip was the best for me, I guess it would be the fact that we’ve all been, except for one, in  Baguio, so there was no rush to do things, we were chill and we had no one to please but ourselves . :))




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