Finding Your Niche (1)

Oftentimes I find myself in a conversation about work and the question always turns to ‘Why do you like working in Virus?’

Here’s how I usually respond:

‘I found my work family!’

What might you ask happens in the office? Lots of laughter! Music. Games. Challenges. Food. Friends. Night outs. About the only place you won’t see us huddled together would be the restroom.

I think a large reason why we get to hangout like this is the young average age in the office (25). Other than the very tolerant bosses, encouraging our escapades, even joining us at times, it was the environment that the office afforded us was definitely liberal, and/ or open-minded. Everyone was trying to keep the office a ‘positive and creative community’Nike Amistoso, Senior Social Media Manager.


The most recent activity that we’ve done together was going to BallPit Manila!


Team Virus in the BallPit


The Virus Crew.  Christine, Caysee, Danna, Arra, Frankie, Dani, Roch, Nike, Andro (c) Frankie Torres


Dani Bonifacio, Social Media Manager
Caysee Pallagud, Social Media Manager
Nike Amistoso, Senior Social Media Manager of The ElectroMagneticChick,
Danna Olaya, Social Media Manager, (c) Danna Olaya


Arra Abella, Senior Social Media Manager,



‘Goodbye cruel world’ – Christine Cruz (c) Frankie Torres
How they show my love for me – Rashmi Daswani, Strat Department Head, (Resigned, but still the best <3) (c) rashmi
Roch de Mesa, Business Development, (c) Roch de Mesa
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.12.51 AM.png
Frankie Torres, Senior Strategist,


Because when we stop and look around, this life is amazing!

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.
Glad to be part of this bundle! #VirusLife

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