Review Festival: Wanderland 2016

My work mates and I purchased Standard tickets, which meant that we had to go to the concert grounds at around 3 PM to see Panama, and to get a decent spot near the stage. Unlucky for them, their tickets are with me, and I got stuck in the land of no return, that is EDSA (EW),  which means that everyone gets to go in just in time for San Cisco, missing Panama.

It was around 4 PM when we got in, and the sun was still up. And it was hot. And when a heatwave occurs, many people become increasingly bad-tempered. And I was trying my best to feel cool.

With my VFF (Virus Friend Forever), Pei! I waited in line, for food and beverages, with this one! 🙌

There were support acts performing on the Globe stage every now and then, and CurtiSmith was one of them. He was rapping, as my friends and I were setting up. His music was pretty decent, and let’s just say that a lot of people a.k.a my friends, went home and might’ve streamed all of his music.✌


When San Cisco appeared, everyone started to shout, stand up and cheer, in this order. The band was surprisingly chill, with the group wearing shorts, sandals and their shades. They were definitely having fun. And it was magnetic! They are one of the relaxed and vivid bands who performed at the festival. “Fred Astaire” was my favorite song, and I was singing while in line for the drinks.

CRWN was.. yep, I missed the perf. 😒

It is an ugly photo, and the only photo I have of TNAF. FU Snapchat for deleting all my snaps. 😭

The Naked and Famous gave a stupefying and nostalgic show. A few beers and they were off to entertain, and fuck did they ever deliver. I thought I knew what to expect, boy was I wrong. “Punching in a Dream”, “Hearts Like Ours”, and “Young Blood ” were a few songs that particularly stood out (my heart was in my mouth singing with Alisa). Their performance reminds me of why I loved them, in the first place. I ❤ U, Alisa!

Bon Iver. This was way worse than my photo of TNAF. WHATEVS THO. 😒

Perth’s intro for Bon Iver was absolutely gorgeous, and Justin Vernon’s auto-tune performance of “Woods” was to die for. I could feel their music rush inside of me, the notes and the chords pump blood in my heart. It. Was. That. Amazing! I (Skinny) Loved it!! 😉My biggest hurdle was over-performing ✌ with TNAF that I was just sitting on the mat, with everyone else’s butts around me. I stood up to see them several times, but my tired legs won’t let me stand long enough, so I was bellowing by myself, on the mat.😔



Then came Death Cab for Cutie. It was part of my playlist in high school so I was looking forward to their perf. However, I kinda crashed in the middle of their set, mostly because I’m tired, and went to get fresh air, away from the stage. I kinda wished I’d been able to appreciate them fully when seeing them live. I’m really happy for my friends, Mei and Pei who most definitely enjoyed this set.

I am thankful for friends who share the same taste in music.👌 But most of all, I never expected this show that everyone was served that night, it was a perfect balance of tunes. Listening to every song, remembering the first time you heard it and who you were with, was magical. Every song bore a life of its own, and for a first time Wanderer, Karpos fucking killed it.

So despite the girl who kept ticking me and my friends off (and who was also looking for drugs even though she looked like she already took a lot already), the festival was CRAZY! It was exceptionally energetic and ambitious, a whale of a time and all that, except for the long, harrowing lines to the food and beverage stalls where we ended up waiting over 2 hours. I only hope that others get this feeling when watching their favorite bands live.



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